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Community Investment

FHLB Dallas offers a number of specialized subsidies and advances that assist our members in financing affordable housing and economic development in the communities they serve.  

Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Subsidy

District Needs Assessment

Targeted Community Lending Plan

Payoff Request

Funding Manuals

AHP Application Guides

Modification/Extension Requests

Community Advance Programs - Guidelines and Applications

Small Business Boost (SBB)

Advisory Council Annual Report

Member Contact Information

Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA) Income Limits

Member Services
Contact us for questions around Wires, DDA/ACH, Safekeeping, Trade Processing, Securities and Signature Cards

Phone: 844.FHL.BANK
Fax: 214.441.8512
Member Sales
Contact us for membership questions: 

Phone: 800.442.9841
Fax: 214.441.8551
Email: ​
Community Investment
Contact us for questions on AHP, HELP, SNAP, HAVEN, PGP, EDP Grant Programs, Disaster Relief Programs, and CIP and EDP Advances. 

Phone: ​800.362.2944
Fax: 214.441.8577
Email: ​