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Value of Membership

Membership Provides Strength in Numbers

Federal Home Loan Bank membership provides financial institutions additional fiscal strength to better serve their communities. The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) is one of 11 regional banking cooperatives that provide member institutions with wholesale lending, credit and related financial services to support its mission of affordable housing and economic development.

FHLB Dallas members also have access to value-added solutions and expertise. Members are served by more than 200 financial, risk management, technology and service experts. Each is dedicated to helping members maximize the benefits of FHLB Dallas products and services.

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See the Value of FHLB Membership

FHLB Dallas provides value to members in many ways, including access to low-cost funding, educational resources and relationships. Every aspect of our partnership with members is guided by our number-one value at FHLB Dallas: Members First.

Membership Advantages

  • Streamlined access to financial products and services
  • Enhanced asset/liability management
  • Improved liquidity management
  • Cost-effective access to credit and capital
  • Responsive member services
  • More effective risk management
  • Access to AAA/AA credit ratings through Letters of Credit