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Product Sheets

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FHLB Dallas has a number of products available to meet your business needs. Our product sheets are designed to give you a snapshot of several product offerings, including how they work, their uses and benefits. More information can be found in any accompanying videos or white papers, or by contacting Member Services or Community Investment.

In addition, credit products offered by FHLB Dallas can be viewed at:

Contact Member Services at 844.FHL.BANK (844.345.2265) for information on advances, Letters of Credit and funding strategies.


FHLB Dallas advances are a reliable source of secured credit for members. We offer flexible structures and several features to provide you with sufficient liquidity and credit. Learn more about our advances offerings.

View product sheets and supporting documents:

Funding Strategies

FHLB Dallas is committed to providing you with not only products, but strategies for hedging against rising interest rates, reducing liability sensitivity on your balance sheets and other business purposes.

View product sheets and supporting documents:

  • Non-credit Enhancement Product:

Letters of Credit

FHLB Dallas Letters of Credit can be a cost-effective way to collateralize public unit deposits, enhance your credit rating and meet other credit needs. FHLB Dallas offers Direct Standby and Custodial Letters of Credit, as well as a number of easy-to-use features.

View the product sheet and white paper:

Community Investment

Learn more about products that support community investment activities, such as advances that support small business development and affordable housing in your communities.

View product sheets and supporting documents:


FHLB Dallas safekeeping services provide a secure and convenient method for clearing and safekeeping securities and pledging securities to a third party. Learn more about our safekeeping services.

View the product sheet:

Term Deposits

FHLB Dallas provides you with term deposits to manage collateral and to potentially earn a competitive yield on excess liquidity.

View the product sheet and Frequently Asked Questions:

Community Development Special Finance Program (CDSFP)

The CDSFP is a pilot program designed to support community development activities, especially for Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) members that historically have had challenges with collateral availability.

View Frequently Asked Questions: