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Investor Relations

FHLB Dallas stock is not publicly traded, but FHLB Dallas is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our SEC filings and other helpful investor relations information, including reports, dividends and credit ratings may be viewed and/or downloaded below.

Credit Ratings

FHLB Dallas raises money by issuing debt instruments into the capital markets. These debt instruments, known as consolidated obligations, are the joint and several obligations of the 11 FHLBanks. The debt instruments are issued through the Office of Finance, acting as an agent for the FHLBanks. All consolidated obligations carry credit ratings from both Moody's (Aaa and P-1) and Standard & Poor's (AA+ and A-1+). FHLB Dallas is rated Aaa by Moody's and AA+ by S&P.

Shareholders, bondholders and prospective shareholders and bondholders should understand that these credit ratings are not a recommendation to buy, hold or sell securities and they may be subject to revision or withdrawal at any time by the nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO). The ratings from each of the NRSROs should be evaluated independently.

SEC Filings

View FHLB Dallas' latest SEC filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website. Below are the most recent quarterly and annual reports and related interactive data filings.  

Annual Report on Form 10-K  

Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q  

*A reader is required to view the Interactive Data Files. See for more information. If you do not have a reader and would like to access the Bank's Interactive Data Files using the SEC's viewer, select the applicable filing on the SEC website.


FHLB Dallas is focused on providing members with access to competitively priced funds while paying dividends at rates that are comparable with low-key money market investments.

View Our Dividend History

Year Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2024 5.42%(B1)/6.42%(B2)      
2023 3.89%(B1)/ 4.89%(B2) 4.60%(B1)/ 5.60%(B2) 5.07%(B1)/6.07%(B2) 5.34%(B1)/6.34%(B2)