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Demand Deposits

​Demand Deposit Account Services

The Demand Deposit Account (DDA) is the cornerstone of FHLB Dallas' cash management services. The DDA is an efficient and simplified cash management tool that is used as the primary transaction account between FHLB Dallas and our members. These accounts enable members to receive interest on every dollar of collected funds balances without having to transfer or consolidate funds. DDAs are customizable and may be tailored to accommodate many types of transactions. Whether a customer needs to centralize account handling, separate different types of transactions or manage accounts for different branches, DDAs offer the flexibility to fit a member's specific needs.

Our Correspondent Services Product Guide explains the services available to FHLB Dallas members.

Members can customize accounts to fit their institution's specific needs.

Typical DDAs include:

  • General operating accounts
  • Dividend and interest accounts
  • Settlement accounts
  • Loan disbursement accounts
  • Payroll accounts
  • Escrow accounts
  • Zero balance accounts

In addition SecureConnect allows members to view:

  • DDA account statements
  • Daily transactions
  • Wire transfer activity
  • ACH transactions
  • Daily DDA rate history
  • Intraday activity and balances