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MyFHLB is the gateway to FHLB Dallas' member portal, SecureConnect, a confidential and secure online communication channel. Through SecureConnect you can execute advances, wire transfers and third-party pledges. Additionally, SecureConnect provides access to an array of reports. Keep track of your demand deposit balance or view maturing securities all at your fingertips.

Products and Services Available Through MyFHLB

The following is a summary of the many resources available online through the member portal.
  • Funding model – review match funding strategies
  • Execute a new advance
  • Check the status of a new advance
  • Review and print advance confirmation
  • View current and historical rates offered
Advances Auction
  • Access to specially priced funds
  • Bank established minimum bid
  • Members bid for amount they want
  • Bank accepts highest bids up to amount being offered
Capital Stock
  • View quarterly balance and dividend
  • Examine current quarter transactions
  • View capital stock worksheet and statement
  • View issuance history
  • Monthly collateral update
  • Collateral detail report
  • View problem loan and zero loan value reports after online updating
  • Pledge loan update
  • Omissions to be reviewed
  • Loans not on master file
  • Portfolio update – rejected loans
DDA Services
  • Manage FR2900 Reserves
  • View DDA statements
  • Review DDA transactions
  • Check DDA rate history
  • Examine ACH transaction report
  • Review Fed settlement activity report
Deposit Auctions
  • Bid online
  • Terms from 7-days to 5-years
  • Minimum deposit of $25,000
  • Fixed-rate Term Deposit
  • Callable Term Deposit
  • Variable Rate Deposit
Member Profile
  • View member profile
  • View blanket lein worksheet
  • Execute your own trade settlement
  • Build new securities
  • Pledge securities
  • View maturity report
  • Examine pledged holding report
  • Analyze projected P&I report
  • Inspect pledged securities report
  • View securities available for collateral
  • Check lost/stolen securities
  • Submit research request
  • Review EOM statements of holdings
Wire Transfer
  • Initiate and execute wire transfers
  • Review and wire transfer activity
  • Parameter driven customer reports