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Vision and Values

vision and values


Our trusted employees enrich our member-owned cooperative through strategic thinking,
smart implementation and embracing our shared communities.



We serve members with integrity and professionalism. 
As a trusted advisor, we meet their unique needs through customized solutions. 
We create a culture of trust with our members and each other, modeling empathy, respect and appreciation. 
When they succeed, we succeed.

Meet Melanie

Find out how Melanie is putting Members First.

Members First to me means taking care of our employees to the best of my ability. My members are the employees of FHLB Dallas and it is my greatest joy to serve our employees by creating unique and competitive benefits from my position in HR.

 — Shelly Wright | Benefits Administrator

Members First means to work in collaboration with departments and stakeholders to develop solutions that provide a better value to the member.

 — Viji Joseph | Senior Business Intelligence Manager


We are goal and action-oriented.
We focus on opportunities that have the most impact. 
We think ahead and find solutions. 
We are tenacious and celebrate wins.

Results Matter because high performance is what we strive for. To have the biggest impact, we need to focus on the most important problems. This requires consistently meeting Bank commitments and to help others do the same.

— Sandhya Janardhanan | Technical Project Manager

Results Matter because we want to ensure that the work, we do has a positive impact on our members and the overall goal for the Bank.

— Kierra Anderson | Client Infrastructure Administrator


We take pride in our work.
We listen well.
We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable.
We handle ambiguity well, and even when conditions are not ideal, we persevere.

Own It means to be responsible for our work. We always listen to input and we’re proactive in solving problems. Even when conditions are not ideal, we persevere in seeking optimal solutions.

— Howard Zhang | Market Risk Lead

Own It means to be responsible for tasks assigned to you and be able to provide any feedback when needed.

— Sylvie Ble | Member Services Team Lead


We stay curious and open-minded.
We have a growth mindset by which we continuously challenge ourselves.
By unlocking the potential in each of us, we grow as an organization.
We innovate, embrace and drive change.

Meet Frank

Find out how Frank is living our Pursue Growth value.

We Pursue Growth by providing ample opportunities for employees to learn and expand our knowledge. In IT, we offer our team members training opportunities. We support our team members when they endeavor to achieve new certifications and we encourage everyone to keep their skills marketable in their area of expertise.

— Chuck Cardenas | Director of Cloud Infrastructure

We Pursue Growth by always striving to improve knowledge and expertise through training and certifications.

— Kimeca Jackson | Internal Audit Manager


We are true to our authentic selves.
We treat people with respect and encourage a spirit of gratitude.
We embody service as a way of life. We are kind to ourselves, our colleagues and our environment.
We embrace and champion diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the organization.

Meet Shanmuga, Tosin and Derek

Find out how they are living our Do Good value.

FHLB Dallas encourages employees to Do Good by promoting a diverse, supportive and sustainable work environment.

— Bob Wang | Strategic Planning & New Products Manager

FHLB Dallas encourages employees to Do Good by selflessly understanding, including, celebrating, and assisting our members and co-workers to meet the needs of their communities.

— Lee Cammerer | Director of Financial Institution and MPF Sales