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Member Liquidity Stress Assessment


The Member Liquidity Stress Assessment (MLSA) provides FHLB Dallas member banks with a tool to estimate their bank's creditworthiness. FHLB Dallas member banks may click to use the MLSA model upon viewing the training and education materials and reading the disclaimer below.

Member banks can then estimate a potential change in total collateral capacity and collateral status based on a set of quantitative factors that are statistically proven to be the most predictive of bank failures. The model is built so members can change key factors to simulate a stress situation and see an estimate of how those factors could impact their collateral status in a stress scenario.

Training and Education

Please watch the following two webinars and review the step-by-step PDF guide before using the MLSA. The “Collateral Valuation Summary” webinar covers key collateral valuation topics that are critical to effectively using the MLSA. The “Member Liquidity Stress Assessment Guide” walks you step-by-step through how to use the MLSA.


MLSA and Collateral Overview PDF

The Member Liquidity Stress Assessment and Collateral Overview webinar is an overview of FHLB Dallas’ credit review process, collateral valuation process and how they relate to the MLSA.


MLSA Walkthrough Webinar PDF
The Member Liquidity Stress Assessment Guide webinar is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use the MLSA.

MLSA Overview Guide

MLSA Overview Guide

The MLSA Overview Guide provides quick access to essential information for collateral status changes in a stress assessment scenario.

MLSA Roadmap

MLSA Roadmap

The MLSA Roadmap is an at-a-glance guide to using the stress assessment tool.

  By clicking here and proceeding to the MLSA you hereby certify that you have read and understood this disclaimer and the MLSA training materials above.