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Custodial and Collateral Services 

FHLB Dallas offers a wide array of custodial and collateral services. We recognize that our strength relies on the strength of our members. Borrowing agreements require members and other eligible borrowers to maintain an amount of qualifying collateral that is sufficient to fully secure all FHLB Dallas extensions of credit. Our thorough collateral services ensure that eligibility for extension of credit is sound and accurate.

Collateral Verification

The collateral verification review process is overseen by a dedicated team of collateral experts who partner with members to ensure accuracy and efficiency. The review process is a measured approach to determine borrowing capacity. It is conducted:

  • For members on blanket collateral status
  • At a frequency determined by member's blanket lien usage
  • Using a secure, web-based process

Members can streamline the collateral verification process with these Excel tips on filtering data,
formatting dates and combining data.