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Capital Plan

FHLB Dallas’ Capital Plan establishes ranges for the amount of FHLB Dallas stock that member institutions are required to hold, along with other terms and conditions of FHLB Dallas' capital stock. The Capital Plan authorizes the issuance of two sub-classes of Class B stock. Class B-1 stock is used by members to meet their membership investment requirement, while Class B-2 stock is used to meet members’ activity-based investment requirements. The Capital Plan also authorizes the Board of Directors to declare dividends on the two sub-classes of Class B stock at different rates.

FHLB Dallas’ current activity-based stock requirement is 4.10 percent of outstanding advances and 0.10 percent of outstanding letters of credit. From time to time, FHLB Dallas may offer specially designated advance offerings with reduced activity-based stock requirements. You may view the full Capital Plan and the Capital Plan Summary in the Helpful Resources section below. The effective date of the Capital Plan is January 18, 2022.