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MPF Xtra® enables PFIs to leverage their FHLB Dallas memberships and access the secondary market to sell certain, fixed-rate, conforming loans into the secondary market.

Here is What Differentiates MPF Xtra®

The MPF Xtra product is for any PFI that is actively engaged in conforming mortgage lending in its community and has a high regard for value of customer relationships.


MPF Xtra® provides many benefits to PFIs, depending on the product, such as competitive execution, economic value for quality loans, retention of borrower relationships and access to Desktop Underwriter.

PFIs Can

  • Offer fixed-rate residential mortgage loans to their borrowers and deliver the loans into the secondary market.
  • Retain or sell the servicing rights; while preserving the ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with customers.
  • Transfer the interest-rate and prepayment risks as well as the credit risk of the associated loans to an investor.

MPF Xtra® Servicing Options

Servicing retained or released options are available.