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Special Needs Assistance Program

Improving Lives

Program Overview

FHLB Dallas is committed to ensuring special-needs individuals live safely in their homes. Through member institutions, our Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP) provides grants for the repair and rehabilitation of owner-occupied housing of eligible, special needs individuals. Households must be located within the FHLB Dallas District of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas.

In 2024, FHLB Dallas set aside $2 million of its Affordable Housing Program funds for SNAP grants.

Note: Funds may only be accessed through a member institution. FHLB Dallas does not provide funds directly to consumers.

Available Funds: Funds for the first round of funding have been exhausted.

The second member submission window is June 4-6, 2024.

Our Impact


Awarded to SNAP Households Since 2009


Awarded to SNAP Households in 2023


Allocated for 2024

Below are some examples of potential SNAP repairs:

  • Inoperative or significantly damaged HVAC units
  • Handicap accessibility ramps, door widening, safety bars, shower installation, etc.
  • Roof repairs and replacement

Please see the current year Funding Manual for a listing of eligible repairs.

SNAP Details

  • $12,000 available per household (up from $10,000 in 2023)
  • Member cap of $25,000 per offering
  • Members must submit a one-time enrollment application and agreement
  • SNAP-assisted properties must be located within the Bank’s District
  • Submit applications via the GrantConnect portal

SNAP Maximum Award

The maximum SNAP award per household is $12,000. Please note that several changes have been made to the Funding Manual, including an updated list of eligible repairs. Please use the 2024 version when submitting requests. (Previous versions of the Funding Manual will not be accepted.) Below are the maximum submissions for members: 

  • Member Submission Maximum: $25,000
  • Intermediary Submission Maximum: $50,000
  • Maximum Annual Number of Individual Submissions: 6 per member

Please note that the GrantConnect portal will close at 5:00 p.m. CT on the final day of each submission window. For more information about SNAP, call the Community Investment department at 800.362.2944.

Benefits for Your Financial Institution

Build community goodwill in your city.

Empower vulnerable, low-income populations in your communities to remain in their homes by providing critical repairs and modifications.

Differentiate your institution by offering a valuable program to your community.

Improving Lives

FHLB Dallas is committed to assisting special needs individuals. Here are some of their inspiring stories.

Texas Homeowner Keeps Cool with SNAP

With temperatures rising well into the high 90s, Edward Montemayor, 58, knows all too well the intensity of Texas summer heat.

Grant Helps Texas Retiree Complete Much-Needed Home Repairs

Hosea Fain has been a proud homeowner in Dallas, Texas, for more than 30 years. But it became tougher to maintain and repair after a 2008 injury on the job.

2024 SNAP Webinar

Find out how to apply for funds to support special-needs individuals.


Tell Us Your Story

We'd love to hear from you! Tell us if you've been a recipient of funds from an FHLB Dallas program.

With SNAP, FHLB Dallas members can access up to $2 million to pay for eligible, special needs homeowner repairs or rehabilitation.

SNAP funds are provided only through FHLB Dallas members. FHLB Dallas does not provide funds directly to consumers.

How It Works

Our team is committed to ensuring that participation in the program is as simple and streamlined as possible for members and their customers:

  1. Make sure you apply during the application window
  2. Upload fully executed Funding Manual with all supporting documentation to GrantConnect 
  3. The final member cap is determined after the application window closes
  4. Members will be contacted if any changes are required (waitlist or reduction) 
  5. Funds disbursed to the Member’s demand deposit account with FHLB Dallas 
  6. If applicable, notify FHLB Dallas regarding any changes or delays 
  7. Within 60 days post funding, upload Final Cost Certification, Final Rehab, Invoice, Post Inspection with Invoice and “after” photos 

Member Requirements

  1. Households must be located within the FHLB Dallas District of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas
  2. Member and homeowner must satisfy the program requirements
  3. Submit one-time member enrollment application and agreement to participate in the program
  4. Verify income of SNAP applicant
  5. Verify applicant area median income eligibility
  6. Pre-rehab inspection and “before” photos
  7. Executed SNAP Funding Manual Documentation
An individual from the FHLB Dallas member financial institution with current Advances Signature Card authorization must submit a one-time SNAP Enrollment Application and Subsidy Agreement. Please email for the AdobeSign application.


Participating members are located within the state of charter origin and are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that members have their own underwriting criteria and lending area and may have reached their FHLB Dallas program cap within a given year.