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Partnership Grant Program

Investing in Communities

Program Overview

Is your financial institution looking to expand its support of community-based organizations? Leveraging FHLB Dallas’ Partnership Grant Program (PGP), you can provide up to five times your institution’s contribution to these vital community support organizations – increasing their capacity to serve their communities while strengthening your customer and community relationships.

FHLB Dallas’ PGP offers a 5:1 match of member contributions – up to $25,000 per member – to support community-based organizations (CBOs) involved in affordable housing or economic development activities that complement other FHLB Dallas community investment programs. The program is funded on an annual basis, and funds are distributed through participating FHLB Dallas members.

$1 Million Available for Partnership Grant Program in 2024

Member submission window: May 6 - May 31, 2024

Our Impact

In 2023, FHLB Dallas and its members helped dozens of community-based organizations.


Awarded by FHLB Dallas and Members


Community-Based Organizations Assisted


Available in 2024

Benefits for Your Financial Institution

Increase your philanthropy profile in your community.

Increase your support of affordable housing and economic development by helping your local CBOs increase their organizational capacity.

Grow your community and customer relationships into new areas of business.

Empowering Organizations to Do Good

Using the PGP, FHLB Dallas members have helped community-based organizations increase their influence exponentially. We invite you read some of their stories.

Celebrating the Revitalization of a Historic Building

Five Banks Award $80K to Three Dallas-Area Nonprofits


Tell Us Your Story

We'd love to hear from you! Tell us if you've been a recipient of funds from an FHLB Dallas program.
With PGP, FHLB Dallas members can access grants to support a qualified CBO working within the FHLB Dallas District. Grants may be used to fund activities related to organizational capacity-building, assistance in applying for grants and other funding, research and studies, contractual services and social services.
In addition to ensuring a CBO’s eligibility for the program, FHLB Dallas members must make their own direct cash contribution to the CBO. The amount of a PGP grant is determined by the amount of the member’s contribution, which can range from $500 to $5,000. FHLB Dallas will match a member's contribution at a 5:1 ratio. As such, members may apply for PGP grants in amounts ranging from $2,500 to $25,000.
The maximum annual FHLB Dallas grant per CBO is $25,000. The aggregate amount of PGP grants by multiple FHLB Dallas members to a CBO may not exceed $50,000 in a single year.

How It Works

PGP grants are offered once a year, with awards determined through a lottery drawing. Our team is committed to ensuring that the process is as easy and streamlined as possible for our members and their partnering CBOs.
  1. Customer Engagement: Promote the PGP to eligible CBOs. We offer resources and tools to help you promote the program.
  2. Application for Funding: Work with your CBO partners to prepare and submit their applications for funding. After the applications are reviewed, grants will be awarded through a lottery drawing.
  3. Funds Disbursement: Grants are disbursed to the sponsoring FHLB Dallas members for distribution to awarded CBO partners.
  4. Future Reporting: A report will be required for each PGP grant recipient about one year following the award. FHLB Dallas will provide the report to those awarded.

Applying for a PGP Grant

Applications for the 2024 Partnership Grant Program will be accepted from May 6, 2024, through May 31, 2024. Applications received after May 31, 2024, will not be considered. Member institutions must email completed application(s) and supporting documentation to Email submissions from the CBO will not be accepted.
Download the 2024 Partnership Grant Program (PGP) Application
Note that if a CBO requests funds through multiple member institutions, all the applications related to that CBO will be grouped together and counted as one for the lottery drawing.
The FHLB Dallas Partnership Grant Program (PGP) assists community-based organizations (CBOs) involved in affordable housing or small business development. To qualify, a CBO:
  • Must be recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS
  • Must have annual revenue of $1,000,000 or less
  • Must be located within FHLB Dallas' five-state District of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico or Texas
  • Must be involved in affordable housing or economic development activities that complement other FHLB Dallas community investment programs
  • Must report specific information about how the PGP funds were used to help fulfill its objectives and the effects of the funding on its ability to fulfill its objectives

How It Works

To apply for PGP funding, a CBO must partner with FHLB Dallas member institution. Applications must support at least one of the following types of activities:
  • Organizational capacity-building: To offset operational and administrative expenses; purchase or rent equipment or computer software; hire staff and/or consultants; secure technical assistance, training or consulting; sponsor special program-related events, meetings or conferences
  • Assistance with applying for grants and other funding: To cover expenses in preparing applications for FHLB Dallas program; hire fundraising and/or grant-writing consultants
  • Research and studies: For marketing, feasibility and planning studies for economic development and affordable housing projects; environmental studies; lead and asbestos testing
  • Contractual services: Architectural, engineering and survey fees (pre-development project costs), or legal, accounting and administrative costs (program operating expenses)
  • Social services: To offset costs associated with providing aid and meeting community needs, including job training, economic and rental assistance, temporary shelter and housing. Note that PGP funds may not be used to pay for construction materials
If your CBO is interested in applying for PGP funding, contact an FHLB Dallas member institution for more information about your organization’s eligibility and the application process. Once an application is approved, PGP funds are awarded through the FHLB Dallas member institution.

Refer to the materials below for more information regarding the PGP.