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  • September 21, 2020

Red River Bank and FHLB Dallas Award $12K Grant to Project Build a Future
Nonprofit to Acquire Land and Build Houses in Lake Charles, Louisiana

LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA, September 21, 2020 – Red River Bank and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) have awarded $12,000 in Partnership Grant Program (PGP) funds to Project Build a Future (PBAF).

Together, the two banks awarded a total of $105,000 in 2020 PGP grants, which help qualified community-based organizations (CBOs) fund a variety of operational and administrative activities critical to serving communities, to eight organizations in Louisiana.

PBAF commits to provide affordable housing to people in the Lake Charles community. The organization provides a homebuyer counseling and education program to support the purchase of a new home.

PBAF intends to use the funding to cover costs for contractual services, land acquisition, predevelopment and survey work, housing construction and legal, accounting and administrative services.

"The organization could not be more grateful to have been chosen for a PGP grant," said Charla Blake, PBAF executive director. "These funds will allow us to continue helping our clients be successful with purchasing a home."

Red River Bank knows purchasing a home is not easy, said Jannease Seastrunk, Red River Bank vice president and CRA officer.

"Red River Bank acknowledges how difficult it is for homebuyers when they have no resources," Ms. Seastrunk said. "Project Build a Future not only provides affordable housing, but the organization offers programs to improve the financial literacy of potential buyers."

Funding under FHLB Dallas' PGP was increased by $2 million in 2020 under FHLB Dallas' COVID-19 Relief Program to support CBOs involved in affordable housing activities, stimulating small business development or providing small businesses with technical assistance. The use of funds for these organizations was expanded to include COVID-19 relief.

Through this unique grant program, FHLB Dallas member institutions contribute from $500 to $6,000 to a CBO, which FHLB Dallas matches at a new, higher 5:1 ratio (compared to the previous 3:1 ratio) resulting in a match of up to $30,000. If multiple member institutions contribute to the same CBO in one year, the maximum FHLB Dallas match for those member contributions is $60,000 per year. In both cases, the total grant to the CBO would be the sum of the member contribution(s) plus the FHLB Dallas match. Grants are awarded annually through FHLB Dallas and its member institutions.

"Organizations like Project Build a Future guide potential homebuyers through the homebuying process," said Greg Hettrick, first vice president and director of Community Investment at FHLB Dallas. "FHLB Dallas is honored to partner with Red River Bank to provide Project Build a Future the resources that will assist more families in achieving homeownership in the Lake Charles community."

Red River Bank Lake Charles Market Manager Barry Brown said PBAF's work has a long-term impact on the community.

"Project Build a Future is not only helping people in the community become homeowners, but improving their financial literacy, which can help them with future purchases," Mr. Brown said.

See the complete list of the 2020 PGP grant recipients. For more information about the 2020 PGP grants and other FHLB Dallas community investment products and programs, please visit

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