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Wire Transfer Fee

Fees as of 10/1/2009:

DDA Maintenance Fee     No Charge
Settlement Charges (per item):    ‚Äč  
- Debit     $0.10
- Credit $0.50
Overdraft Fee (per daily occurrence, plus interest fee at FHLB Dallas' Overdraft Rate) $50.00
SecureConnect initiated internal transfer No Charge
Telephone-initiated internal transfer $2.00
SecureConnect initiated outgoing wire transfer $2.00
Telephone-initiated outgoing wire transfer $15.00
Foreign Wire Transfer $15.00
Incoming Wire Transfer $4.00
Late Wire Fee Amount of wire x 0.000028
Drawdown Request $4.00
ACH Stop Payment $5.00
Mail/Fax Fee (to receive reports or statements via mail/fax that are available on SecureConnect) $25.00
Research (per hour if request is for information more than 90 days old) $25.00

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