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Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center 

The Resource Center is a one-stop shop for members to access product guides and forms, access product sheets, product videos, white papers, and FAQs, and see how other members are using our products and programs in our case studies and member testimonials.

Member Services and Rates

Call 844.FHL.BANK (844.345.2265) for funding assistance, rate quotes, and product information. 

Story Ideas

Call Corporate Communications at 214.441.8445 with ideas for press and video releases, case studies, and requests for media events.

Community Investment Programs

Call 800.362.2944 for information on the Affordable Housing Program, CICA advances, and grant programs.

Popular Now

Discount Note Floating Rate advance; Fluctuating Balance Letter of Credit; Affordable Housing Program deadlines; Webinar recordings.

FHLB Dallas Contact Information

​Member Services ​Wires, DDA/ACH, Safekeeping, Trade Processing, Securities, Signature Cards


Member Sales ​Membership ​800.442.9841 214.441.8551
​Community Investment AHP, HELP, SNAP, HAVEN, PGP, EDP, EDPPlus Grant Programs, Disaster Relief Programs, and CIP and EDP Advances ​800.362.2944 214.441.8577