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Letters of Credit

​Letters of Credit

Standby Letters of Credit (LOC), Confirmations of Letters of Credit, and Custodial Letters of Credit are issued on
behalf of members by FHLB Dallas to facilitate business transactions with third parties.

Letters of Credit assist in providing:

  • Residential housing finance
  • Community lending
  • Asset and liability management
  • Secure liquidity or other funding
  • An alternative to purchasing securities to secure public unit deposits

LOC Products

Standby Letters of Credit from FHLB Dallas are rated AA+ and AAA by Moody's and Standard & Poor's, respectively. Terms range from overnight up to 15 years. LOCs will not be issued in terms exceeding 15 years. The issued LOC will remain in effect until the stated expiration date, unless all parties including the beneficiary agree in writing to an earlier expiration date.

To apply, members should execute either a Standby Letter of Credit Application or a Custodial Letter of Credit Application, and a Security Agreement, outlining the terms and conditions of FHLB Dallas' issuance of LOCs. A separate application that identifies the beneficiary and purpose of the LOC, and other information required by the Bank must be submitted for each LOC issued by FHLB Dallas.

Renewal and Amendments

At a member's request, FHLB Dallas may issue LOCs that are automatically extended for a specific term. For LOCs not automatically renewed, a member may amend the LOC by increasing the amount, decreasing the amount (if a Custodial LOC), expiration date (to a longer term), and final expiration date, if an Evergreen LOC. For LOCs not automatically renewed or amended, a member may request a new LOC at maturity.

Fluctuating Balance Letter of Credit Option

Standby and Custodial Letters of Credit, issued for the benefit of a single public unit depositor in an amount of $5 million or greater, may be issued by FHLB Dallas using the fluctuating balance option. This option allows the member to be charged a fee based on the average daily collateral utilization of the aggregate deposits of the Beneficiary that are collateralized by the Letter of Credit during the preceding quarter. Fees are debited from the member's main deposit account on the fifth business day following the end of the quarter. Members are required to submit a certification to FHLB Dallas no later than the third business day following the end of the quarter providing the average daily balance amount.

All Letters of Credit issued by the Bank will be secured by the pledge of, and creation of a security interest in, collateral as provided for in the Bank's current Member Products & Credit Policy. The principal amount of the Letter of Credit/Confirmation will be added to the members' outstanding advances for the purposes of calculating collateral requirements.

Generally, FHLB Dallas does not anticipate that a Standby Letter of Credit/Confirmation will be funded. However, if funding does occur, the member must reimburse FHLB Dallas on the same day by depositing immediately available funds in its deposit account at the Bank. The Bank may permit the member to finance its reimbursement obligation, in which case the funding becomes an advance that is rolled over daily. The advance may then be converted to an appropriate term and interest rate upon request by the member and agreement by the Bank. In addition, any required capital stock purchase for the advance will be calculated and sufficient collateral will be required at the time of funding.

Evergreen Feature for Letters of Credit

The Evergreen feature is available with Letter of Credit Confirmations, Direct Letters of Credit and Standby Letters of Credit. They can be structured to meet a range of objectives with flexible terms:

  • Renewal period (in days or months)
  • Final expiration date (up to 15 years)
  • Notice period for non-renewal

Without FHLB Dallas' notice to the beneficiary, the Evergreen feature automatically renews the Letter of Credit through the final term.

​New Pricing Fee Structure Effective January 2, 2019


 Minimum Fee

Up to 15 years

SecureConnect Standby LOC$125 6.5 bp
Non-SecureConnect Standby LOC $1256.5 bp
Community Investment Standby LOC $125 5.5 bp
Custodial LOC $125 6.5 bp
Product Processing Fee <=1 Year >1 Year & <=5 Years >5 Years &  <=15 Years
​LOC Non-Bond Confirmations​$500​25 bp ​30 bp ​35 bp
Confirmations of LOC including Taxable Bonds


($1500 for renewal)

25 bp 30 bp 35 bp
Confirmations of LOC Tax-Exempt Bonds


($2500 for renewal)

25 bp 30 bp 35 bp
Community Investment Confirmations of LOC including Taxable Bonds


($1500 for renewal)

20 bp 25 bp 30 bp
Community Investment Confirmations of LOC for Tax-Exempt Bonds


($2500 for renewal)

20 bp 25 bp 30 bp


The Advances Products Guide provides more details.