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Member Bulletin

  • June 05, 2019
  • Bulletin No: 2019-11

Important Technology Enhancements in 2019

Over the next 18 months, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (Bank) will be upgrading existing technology to better respond to members' needs in the future. As part of this initiative, certain process and system enhancements may affect members. While some enhancements will be cosmetic in nature (e.g., look, feel and navigation), others will involve more extensive changes that could affect members' operations or reporting.

As we continue this journey, the Bank is also taking the opportunity, as appropriate, to respond to past member requests for enhanced functionality or services that will result in an improved user experience. In 2019, the Bank will make enhancements to the blanket lien worksheet and collateral loan file upload process and will implement a new letter of credit system. 

Additionally, when you log into SecureConnect, you may have noticed a redesign to the homepage. The SecureConnect homepage will be utilized to communicate critical information regarding these projects, including announcing training opportunities, resource page links, webinar recordings and other training videos, pilot groups and any required member actions. If you see a red popup when you log into SecureConnect, please carefully review the information. Feel free to contact the Bank with questions or if you need assistance.

The Bank wants to incorporate as much member feedback as possible. Please be on the lookout for opportunities to provide your opinion through surveys, focus groups and pilot groups.

Please see additional information below, and view to learn more about the Bank's technology project roadmap for 2019 projects.

High-Level Details on the Projects

Collateral Loan File Upload

The new collateral file upload process took effect on June 3, 2019. This process impacts members that deliver loan collateral, and members who upload Held-for-Sale or listing files through SecureConnect.

At a high level, the project includes:

  • Changes to the look, feel and navigation on SecureConnect
  • Moves the link to the upload page under the Collateral menu
  • Makes it easier to identify, understand and process errors that caused a file failure
  • More detailed email notification regarding file status
  • Does not change the file format or modify the template(s) currently in use
  • No impact to Held-for-Sale members with large files currently using a secure file transfer process

Blanket Lien Worksheet

The blanket lien worksheet is being redesigned and streamlined. The most significant enhancements are shifting it from a portrait to landscape view and minor changes to the category names. Other changes include the addition of detailed information in the form of extra categories, as well as more file formats users can select from when downloading the report. It will be launched June 17, 2019.  Visit to register for a webinar at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. 

High-level enhancements:

  • Switched from a portrait to landscape view
  • Added a breakout of Held-for-Sale and delivered loans
  • Renamed some categories to more appropriately describe the field
  • Relocated the location of the sheet from the "Reports" sub-menu to the "Collateral" sub-menu in SecureConnect
  • Breaks out document and member identified ineligible exception rates
  • Enhanced reporting and more file formats users can select to download
  • Enhanced look, format and navigation on SecureConnect
  • No change to collateral-related policies and procedures
  • No impact to availability or eligibility requirements
Letters of Credit:

The implementation of the new letter of credit system will apply to all members. If you are currently using LOCs, carefully review the changes listed below. LOCs will continue to be accessed via SecureConnect. However, the new system will provide a more streamlined, paperless process for certain functions. Many functions that members previously executed by mailing or faxing in paper applications, will now be available online. These include online entry for the following:
  • Fluctuating Balance LOCs and certifications
  • Confirmation LOCs
  • Community Investment LOCs
  • Custodial pledging, modifications/releases

Please note that manual processes will still be available for members who choose to utilize them
Members will also see added functionality, such as:

  • The ability to amend existing letters of credit
  • Ability to upload ancillary documents electronically
  • Enhanced reporting options
  • Reduced reliance on paper applications
  • Ability to receive automated email notifications

It is important to note that while there will be many new functions available for self-service, members may continue to utilize the Member Services Desk to execute LOCs. This project is expected to launch late this summer. Members will have a two-week preview of the system before the launch. During this time, the Bank will make available webinars, training materials, including videos and a dedicated resource page and staff will be available to answer questions. 

Member Feedback is Important 

The Bank values member feedback throughout this process. There are several mechanisms for members to share feedback and ask questions. Many of these opportunities will be shared as part of pilot, focus or beta testing groups. The Bank has already held focus groups and webinars with a subset of users of the blanket lien worksheet, collateral file uploads and LOCs. Additionally, a beta testing group has been utilized for the new blanket lien worksheet.
Please contact Member Services at 844.FHL.BANK or with questions regarding these projects. We ask that you share this bulletin with staff that are involved in these processes. Thank you for your valued membership.


Gustavo Molina
Senior Vice President and Chief Banking Operations Officer