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Affordable Housing Program

For over 10 years, I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing FHLB Dallas programs on behalf of our communities. They offer meaningful products that help us maximize our impact in the areas we serve."

- Mark Ouellette, first vice president and director of Affordable Housing at BankPlus

Annual Grants for Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Program (AHP) funds are intended to assist FHLB Dallas members in financing the purchase, construction and/or rehabilitation of owner-occupied, rental or transitional housing, as well as housing for homeless individuals in their community. AHP funds must be used to benefit households with incomes at or below 80 percent of the median income for the area.

Since the AHP's inception in 1990, FHLB Dallas has awarded more than $300 million in AHP and AHP set-aside programs, such as HELP and SNAP, have assisted more than 53,500 households.

Affordable Housing Program funds can be used for:

  • Acquisition

  • Down payment and closing costs

  • The refinance of an existing loan (provided
    that the equity proceeds are used for the development of AHP-eligible housing)

  • Rehabilitation or construction costs

  • Homebuyer education and counseling, if the household purchases an AHP-assisted unit

2019 Grant Awards

The Bank awarded $16.3 million in grants to 34 affordable housing projects. The grants will help create 2,057 new or rehabilitated housing units.

Details about the 2019 grant applications:

  • Texas, $3,992,000 for 663 units


AHP funds are intended to assist FHLB Dallas members in financing the acquisition, construction, and/or rehabilitation of owner-occupied, rental, transitional, and homeless housing in their communities.

Funds must be used to benefit households with incomes at or below 80 percent of the median income for the area. AHP funds may only be accessed through a member institution. FHLB Dallas does not provide grants directly to consumers.

​Uses of AHP Funds

AHP funds may be used for:

  • Acquisition (down payment and or closing costs)

  • Rehabilitation or construction costs

  • Homebuyer education and counseling, if the household purchases an AHP-assisted unit

  • Existing loan refinancing, provided that the equity proceeds are used for the development of AHP-eligible housing

*Detailed information and guidelines governing the AHP, including feasibility and scoring criteria for AHP grant applications, may be found in the AHP Implementation Plan.

​Member Advantages

AHP benefits FHLB Dallas members by allowing them to:

  • Establish Customer Relationships: Affordable housing is in great demand. Many individuals and families with good credit ratings are unable to pay the down payment and closing costs associated with purchasing a new home. Through the AHP, these families can receive the needed funds for both, allowing them to become homeowners and potential new customers of the member institution.

  • Generate New Loan Opportunities: Grants obtained through the AHP can significantly lessen a member's credit risk. Furthermore, the AHP benefits can increase an FHLB Dallas member's ability to provide loans for rental housing that otherwise may not meet cash flow projections and other underwriting criteria.

  • Rehabilitate Existing Housing: Many homeowners, particularly those who are elderly and/or living on a fixed income, find themselves unable to afford the repair and maintenance of their homes. Through the AHP, grant funds may be obtained to pay all or part of rehabilitation costs.

  • Satisfy Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Requirements: Participation in the AHP may assist in satisfying an FHLB Dallas member's CRA requirements and responsibilities.


All requests for AHP grants must be submitted through the AHP Online Application portal.

​Who May Apply?

A community housing organization or a developer, known as a sponsor, is required to establish a relationship with an FHLB Dallas member institution to submit an AHP application. The sponsor usually completes the application, while the member institution always submits the sponsor’s application via an online process. Information about becoming a member of FHLB Dallas can be found in the Membership section.

​Register to Access the AHP Online Application

An FHLB Dallas member must have a user ID and password to access the application. If you are new or returning after an extended period, please refer to the AHP Online Registration Guide for registration assistance.

Once you have registered, log on to the system with your user ID and password during the application period. You may complete, submit, and track the status of your application. Please take a moment to review the AHP Online Application Guide before starting your application.

Note: The member institution, sponsor, and FHLB Dallas' Community Investment department can view an application at the same time while it is being completed online.

​Announcement of Funding

To be considered, members must submit all applications to FHLB Dallas prior to the AHP application deadline date. Once an application with supporting documentation has been received, FHLB Dallas staff will review the submission. Details about the AHP, including feasibility and scoring guidelines, are found within FHLB Dallas' AHP Implementation Plan in the Helpful Resources below. Award announcements will be made in late October, and all applicants will be notified by U.S. mail at that time.

Below are links to AHP Application workbooks that were provided at our AHP workshop breakout sessions. The workbooks will provide you with a sample application along with additional information to assist you in the completion of your application. There is a separate workbook for owner-occupied housing projects and rental housing projects.

If you need technical assistance, please contact the Community Investment department.​

Requesting Timeline Extensions and Modifications to an Existing Application

The nature and scope of projects may change between the time the application is approved and the time the project is to be completed. To remain in compliance with AHP regulations found at 12 C.F.R. part 1291, in particular 12 C.F.R. § 1291.5(f), member institutions and sponsors must request approval of changes to the approved application from FHLB Dallas.

FHLB Dallas may only consider changes to projects provided that (1) the project, incorporating any changes, would continue to meet the minimum eligibility requirements found at 12 C.F.R. § 1291.5(c); (2) the application for the project, as reflective of such changes, continues to score high enough to have been approved in the funding period in which it was originally scored and approved by FHLB Dallas, and (3) there is good cause for the change.

FHLB Dallas reviews such requests on a case-by-case basis. If a modification or extension is necessary, please complete the applicable forms:

Funding Process

All eligible members may access AHP funds for their approved programs or for approved projects initiated by project sponsors, such as nonprofit organizations, state or local governments, and for-profit developers.

Funds are disbursed as a direct grant to member institution involved in the application. Members, in turn, provide the AHP grant funds to the sponsor. The manuals below contain information on the funding process, forms to submit for a funding request, and helpful calculation tools.

​Funding Owner-Occupied (Including Habitat) Projects

The AHP Funding Manual (Owner) contains required forms to request funding for owner-occupied (including Habitat for Humanity) projects. Submit requests for funding via email to Please note that several changes have been made to the Funding Manual. Please utilize the  2020 Owner Occupied Funding Manual for all disbursement requests.

The Income Calculation Tool (right click to save as) assists in the calculation of a household’s income. It is particularly useful for non-salaried wages.

The AHP Needs Analysis Spreadsheet calculates the present value of a loan. This spreadsheet must be completed by sponsors who provide zero percent financing, such as Habitat for Humanity affiliates.

​Funding Rental Projects

The Rental Funding Manual contains forms that must be completed to request funding for rental projects. Submit requests for funding via email or fax to 214.441.8577.

The ProForma & Rental Affordability Worksheet must be submitted along with the forms in the Rental Funding Manual.

The Social Services Pro Forma Worksheet must be submitted for those projects that have a significant social services component, along with the forms in the Rental Funding Manual. Detailed information outlining FHLB Dallas’ funding procedures can be found in the AHP Implementation Plan, located in the Helpful Resources below.


The AHP operates through a District-wide competition. A 100-point scoring system is used to evaluate applications. Those applications achieving the highest scores will receive first priority for funding. Applications are evaluated according to the scoring guidelines in the AHP Implementation Plan.

Applications will be ranked according to a 100-point scoring system, using the following point distribution:

25 Points - Income Groups Targeted
25 Points - First District Priority
15 Points - Community Stability
10 Points - AHP Subsidy Per Unit
5 Points - Second District Priority
5 Points - Empowerment
5 Points - Not-for-Profit Sponsorship
5 Points - Donated Property
5 Points - Homeless Housing
100 Points

*Approved applications will be required to show evidence of long-term retention: five years for owner-occupied projects and 15 years for rental projects.

​Median Income Tables


Reporting & Monitoring

All projects that receive AHP grants are subject to compliance monitoring. The monitoring guidelines are detailed in the AHP Implementation Plan.

​Project Monitoring

Compliance monitoring occurs in three stages:

​1. Before Project Completion – Semiannual Reports

FHLB Dallas surveys members, sponsors, and owners semiannually to determine whether:

  • Satisfactory progress toward completion is being made

  • Satisfactory progress toward occupancy is being made

2. Project Completion – Initial Monitoring

During the initial monitoring, FHLB Dallas determines whether:

  • AHP subsidies were used for eligible purposes and reconfirm the need for AHP subsidies

  • Household incomes and rents comply with the income targeting and rent commitments made in the application

  • Actual costs were reasonable and necessary

  • A project’s retention agreement meets the requirements of the AHP regulations

  • Services and activities committed to in the application have been provided

3. Completed Rental Projects – Long-Term Monitoring

During long-term monitoring, projects are monitored for resident income and unit rent compliance, as well as ongoing financial viability. FHLB Dallas reviews:

  • Annual certifications provided by owners

  • Back-up project documentation regarding household incomes and rents maintained by the project owner

  • Other project documentation as necessary

​Deed Restrictions

Applicable AHP grants are subject to deed restrictions. Owner-occupied projects where a household receives AHP subsidy for a purchase or purchase in conjunction with rehabilitation are subject to deed restrictions for five years. If a home is sold or refinanced during the retention period, FHLB Dallas must be contacted to determine if any prorated repayment of the grant is necessary.

Rental projects are subject to deed restrictions for 15 years. If any portion of the project is sold or refinanced during the retention period, FHLB Dallas must be contacted to determine if repayment of the full grant is necessary or if the deed restriction may be transferred to the new owner.


FHLB Dallas may cancel a project that does not demonstrate satisfactory progress toward meeting its designated completion date and recapture any AHP subsidy that FHLB Dallas previously disbursed to such project.

A project sponsor or a project owner shall repay FHLB Dallas or the member, as determined by FHLB Dallas, the amount of any AHP subsidy that, as a result of the project sponsor’s or project owner’s actions or omissions.

All grants must be used in compliance with the terms of the application for the subsidy, as approved by FHLB Dallas. If requirements of the AHP regulations or the requirements of the implementation plan are not met, the project sponsor or project owner must resolve the noncompliance within a reasonable period of time, or eliminate the circumstances of noncompliance through a modification of the terms of the application for the subsidy pursuant to Section 1291.5(f) of the AHP regulations.

Please refer to the AHP Implementation Plan for more details.




To learn more about the AHP program at FHLB Dallas, please contact the Community Investment Department at 800.362.2944.