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What Are the Requirements?

  • Households must have a family income of 80 percent or less of the median income for the area. 
  • Only special-needs households are eligible. Please see Attachment A of the Affordable Housing Program Implementation Plan for the definition of "special needs." The household will qualify if at least one household member meets the special needs definition. Please see the SNAP Funding Manual for acceptable documentation to evidence special needs.
  • SNAP funds may not be used in conjunction with any approved AHP, HELP or Disaster subsidy.
  • The member shall pass on the full amount of the SNAP subsidy for the benefit of the household for which the SNAP funds were approved, which must be documented in applicable documents related to the rehabilitation.
  • A formal pre-inspection of the rehabilitation work and property is not required to submit the application; however, it must be provided within 45 days after the close of the SNAP round and will be required prior to disbursement. A Post-inspection of the rehabilitation work is also required.
  • The third-party inspector must be selected by the member. Unless the intermediary is a government-controlled entity, the third-party inspector must not be related to the intermediary.
  • The developer fee may not exceed 10 percent of the SNAP Subsidy.


Detailed information and guidelines governing SNAP can be found in attachment C of the 
AHP Implementation Plan.

An executed Home Repair Estimate form and a pre-rehabilitation inspection report are required with evidence of the amount of SNAP funds requested. Verification of the completed rehabilitation work via a post-rehabilitation inspection report is required. Homeowners may not receive any cash back from the rehabilitation. FHLB Dallas will provide up to $10,000 toward the rehabilitation. Subject to the following sentences, SNAP funds may be used to pay for third-party inspection costs and developer fees. The third-party inspection costs and developer fees may be paid with SNAP funds only if (i) the costs are not paid by any other source (including the member) and (ii) the homeowner receiving the cost assistance utilizes SNAP funds to rehabilitate the home. The rate of interest, points, fees and any other charges for a loan made in conjunction with the SNAP subsidy must not exceed a reasonable market rate of interest, points, fees and other charges for a loan of similar maturity, terms and risk. The SNAP-assisted property must be located within FHLB Dallas’ District of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico or Texas.