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Special Needs Assistance Program

SNAP Funds Available as of August 3, 2020: $0

Member Submission Maximum: $60,000

Through member institutions, SNAP provides subsidies for the repair and rehabilitation of owner-occupied housing of eligible, special-needs individuals. The remaining funds will be available to members starting August 3, 2020.

SNAP Program Maximum Award

The maximum SNAP program award per household is $6,000 unless the member contributes $350 toward the rehabilitation costs and/or inspection fees. Then the maximum SNAP program award per household is $7,000.

For more information about the SNAP program, call the Community Investment department at 800.362.2944.

Participating SNAP Members

Participating members are located within the state of charter origin and are listed in alphabetical order. Please note that members have their own underwriting criteria and lending area and may have reached their FHLB Dallas program cap within a given year. 

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