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Applying for a HELP Subsidy

FHLB Dallas does not provide subsides or loans directly to consumers. Consumers, community-based organizations and similar entities seeking HELP funds should contact a local FHLB Dallas member institution. Members should submit HELP subsidy requests to FHLB Dallas. HELP subsidies are available to member institutions on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are exhausted or the member reaches the member cap.

Member Enrollment

FHLB Dallas members may access HELP funds after completing the HELP Member Enrollment Application. This is a one-time enrollment application necessary for participation in the HELP program. The HELP Member Enrollment Application includes the HELP Subsidy Agreement, which explains member obligations under the program.

The HELP Member Enrollment Application and the HELP Subsidy Agreement must be signed by a person listed on the current Advances Signature Card on file with FHLB Dallas. To enroll, members may request the HELP enrollment package (HELP Enrollment Application and HELP Subsidy Agreement) be sent via Adobe Sign by submitting a request using the contact form below or by emailing

FHLB Dallas will review the forms and notify the member of their acceptance into the program. After completing the enrollment process, members will be eligible to request HELP funds during each annual offering.