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What Are the Requirements?

AHP funds are intended to assist FHLB Dallas members in financing the acquisition, construction and/or rehabilitation of owner-occupied, rental, transitional and housing for the homeless in their communities.

Funds must be used to benefit households with incomes at or below 80 percent of the median income for the area. AHP funds may only be accessed through a member institution. FHLB Dallas does not provide subsidies directly to consumers.

Uses of AHP Funds

AHP General Fund subsidies may be used for:

  • Acquisition (down payment and/or closing costs)
  • Rehabilitation or construction costs
  • Homebuyer education and counseling, if the household purchases an AHP-assisted unit
  • Existing loan refinancing, provided that the equity proceeds are used for the development of AHP-eligible housing

Member Advantages 

AHP benefits FHLB Dallas members by allowing them to:

Establish Customer Relationships
Affordable housing is in great demand. Many individuals and families with good credit ratings are unable to pay the down payment and closing costs associated with purchasing a new home. Through the AHP, these families can receive the needed funds for both, allowing them to become homeowners and potential new customers of the member institution.
Generate New Loan Opportunities
Grants obtained through the AHP can significantly lessen a member’s credit risk. Furthermore, the AHP benefits can increase an FHLB Dallas member’s ability to provide loans for rental housing that otherwise may not meet cash flow projections and other underwriting criteria.
Rehabilitate Existing Housing
Many homeowners, particularly those who are elderly and/or living on a fixed income, find themselves unable to afford the repair and maintenance of their homes. Through the AHP, grant funds may be obtained to pay all or part of rehabilitation costs.
Satisfy Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Requirements
Participation in the AHP may assist in satisfying an FHLB Dallas member’s CRA requirements and responsibilities.