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Funding Process

All eligible members may access AHP funds for their approved programs or for approved projects initiated by project sponsors, such as nonprofit organizations, state or local governments and not-for-profit developers.

Funds are disbursed as a direct subsidy to the member institution involved in the application. The member, in turn, provides the AHP subsidy to the sponsor. The manuals below contain information on the funding process, forms to submit for a funding request and helpful calculation tools.

Funding Owner-Occupied (Including Habitat) Projects

The AHP Funding Manual for Owner Occupied Projects contains required forms to request funding for approved owner-occupied (including Habitat for Humanity) projects. Submit requests for funding via email to

The Income Calculation Tool (right click to save as) assists in the calculation of a household’s income. It is particularly useful for non-salaried wages.

The AHP Needs Analysis Spreadsheet calculates the present value of a loan. This spreadsheet must be completed by sponsors who provide zero percent financing, such as Habitat for Humanity affiliates.

Funding Rental Projects

The AHP Funding Manual for Rental Projects contains forms that must be completed to request funding for approved rental projects. Submit requests for funding via email to

The ProForma and Rental Affordability Worksheet must be submitted along with the forms in the Rental Funding Manual.

The Social Services Pro Forma Worksheet must be submitted for those projects that have a significant social services component along with the forms in the Rental Funding Manual. Detailed information outlining FHLB Dallas’ funding procedures can be found in the AHP Implementation Plan located in the Helpful Resources below.


The AHP General Fund operates through a District-wide competition. A 100-point scoring system is used to evaluate applications. Those applications achieving the highest scores will receive first priority for funding. Applications are evaluated according to the scoring guidelines in the AHP Implementation Plan.

Applications will be ranked according to a 100-point scoring system, using the following point distribution:

20 Points Income Groups Targeted
35 Points Bank District Priority
15 Points Community Stability
5 Points Creating Economic Opportunity
5 Points Not-for-Profit Sponsorship
5 Points Donated Property
15 Points Underserved Communities and Populations
100 Points  

*Approved applications will be required to show evidence of long-term retention: five years for owner-occupied projects that involve a home purchase and 15 years for rental projects.