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New Year, New Gig
New year, new you? How about a new career opportunity?

happy employee

New year, new you? How about a new career opportunity? At the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas), we are always looking for talented individuals to join our small, but mighty team. The end of the year is often a time of reflection on the year we have just experienced. Many of us are taking stock of what worked and what didn’t and how we want to grow in the new year.

“People are always growing and changing, so it’s natural their career paths may mirror that,” said Renae Virata, lead account executive at Creative Circle in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. “A lot of candidates we work with are ready to move up in their field and there just may be no opportunity for them at their current companies. We’ve seen candidates who build up certain skill sets over time or take an interest in certain technologies on the side and realize they are ready to move into something completely new.”

Why FHLB Dallas?

Competitive pay and benefits: We are proud to offer competitive pay and benefits to keep our employees comfortable with rising inflation and the cost of living.

Inclusive Workplace: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a cornerstone of our organization. We are a diverse team, made up of people from around the world with a wide range of skills and specialties and we believe that is what makes us successful. We celebrate uniqueness and believe that a diverse workforce fosters creativity and innovation.

Fun environment: We offer a number of highly sought after employee appreciation events — like yoga, engagement lunches, farmers markets produce and much more — that create a fun and engaging office atmosphere.

Career Development: Whether you have built your career at FHLB Dallas or you are trying to get back in the workforce, FHLB Dallas is here to support you. We have several programs to help employees meet their career goals – whether that is enhancing skills for the job they are in or upskilling for other areas of the organization.

“FHLB Dallas has a very welcoming environment, and it’s very easy to make new friends here, especially within the teams you’re working in,” said Jessica Bilger, human resources and talent business partner at FHLB Dallas. “We have an open-door policy here at the Bank, so whether you need to speak with a team member or an executive, we are all here to help you grow in your career and learn as much as you can.”

Although starting a new job or career can seem daunting, it can also be rewarding. Here are a few tips to start your new journey off on the right foot:

  • Come prepared with any documentation or equipment you need.
  • Show up early, if onsite, or start your day early if at home. You never know what could come up.
  • Ask questions if you’re not clear about something or if you’re just curious. Learn all the time.
  • Take notes during trainings, meetings and check-ins.
  • Have a positive attitude and get excited!

Are you ready to start your new year at FHLB Dallas and embark on a career that promises growth, fulfillment and possibility? Take that leap of faith by visiting our careers page to explore current openings and "Find Your Fit" at FHLB Dallas and be a part of our success story in 2024!