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Vendor Diversity

Vendor Diversity

FHLB Dallas' commitment to promoting diversity within our organization extends to all aspects of our business, including the procurement and contracting of goods and services. We focus on building sustained relationships and providing contracting opportunities with disabled, minority-, and women-owned businesses.

Vendor Opportunities

If you are a diverse vendor, and you are interested in doing business with FHLB Dallas, please contact us, or join our diverse vendor network by completing the form below.

FHLB Dallas invites all diverse businesses to participate in contracting opportunities. FHLB Dallas seeks opportunities to conduct business in a prudent, efficient, cost-effective, timely manner and with a clear understanding of the importance of safety and soundness considerations in all purchasing and contracting activities.

​Join Our Diverse Vendor Network

FHLB Dallas is committed to considering diverse vendors in contracting and service awards. A diverse vendor is a business that is more than 50 percent-owned by a woman, minority or disabled individual.

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Requests for Services and Proposals

Periodically, FHLB Dallas solicits requests for bids with contracting opportunities.

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Download our Vendor Diversity brochure.

As a small business in the IT hardware technology space, it can be hard to get noticed. Because of the longstanding commitment to diversity of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas), we were able to get our foot in the door, and to prove, as legendary UCLA Bruins basketball coach John Wooden used to say, ‘It’s not how big you are, it’s how big you play.’ We got the chance to show that we could perform, and more than five years later, we are growing our business and saving FHLB Dallas money at the same time. This win/win situation would not have been possible without the FHLB Dallas diversity program." 


A Trusted Advisor

As a diverse vendor, I have always felt like a trusted advisor and part of the FHLB Dallas family. The company respects and appreciates the value our consultants provide. This is what inspires us to deliver our best to the FHLB Dallas family every single day. Additionally, FHLB Dallas’ commitment to diversity reminds me to make a conscious effort to seek out diverse talent when hiring for my own firm." 

Small businesses, in general, particularly diverse ones, face unique challenges. We don’t necessarily have deep resources or capital and having long-term projects with a partner, such as FHLB Dallas, has enabled my business. Not only can I meet the deliverables of a project in a timely manner, but I can plan for the future knowing that I have a strong partner to work with. When we work together, it really is a true collaboration. I am proud to be a diverse vendor for FHLB Dallas." 

A Seat at the Table

"It’s extremely important to be able to be part of the bid process for event catering. It’s sometimes difficult for small caterers in this climate; Dallas has its big caterers and its big names. That’s why we are very customer-oriented to get repeat business. We don’t have a big budget for advertising, so having a seat at the table and being able to compete for the smaller meetings throughout the year and the larger events FHLB Dallas puts on has been a great opportunity for us. It’s been a very rewarding and easy partnership.”

Everybody Matters

We appreciate the opportunity from FHLB Dallas to be in the conversation, and allow us to prove our value based on our performance. It can be an uphill battle when you’re a smaller company and you’re not a household name to even be part of that conversation. Since we work with many smaller to mid-size customers we’re able to build true partnerships because they understand, like we do, that the value of every person makes a difference in terms of success of the organization.

FHLB Dallas has a little more than 200 employees, and in some respects that’s not a small business, but it’s still a size and culture where everybody matters. FHLB Dallas gets that; we get that; and we care about the quality of the people we find. Being included as a vendor makes a big impact and we do appreciate the opportunity to participate.