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Diversity and Inclusion

Equal Opportunity in Employment and Contracting Policy Statement

FHLB Dallas is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion at every level of the organization from employment to contracting. FHLB Dallas has adopted an Equal Opportunity in Employment and Contracting Policy Statement  that reflects our commitment to these principles.

Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedure

An employee who believes he/she has been discriminated against in violation of the FHLB Dallas Equal Opportunity in Employment and Contracting Policy Statement should immediately contact his/her manager or the Human Resources department.

A job applicant or vendor who believes he/she has been subjected to discriminatory treatment in violation of the Equal Opportunity in Employment and Contracting Policy Statement is to put said complaint in writing and submit it to:

Director, Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI)
Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas
P.O. Box 619026
Dallas, TX 75261-9026

Or email the OMWI directors.

ADA Reasonable Accommodation

It is FHLB Dallas' policy to make reasonable accommodations for known physical or mental disabilities for an otherwise qualified applicant or employee to enable the individual to perform the essential functions of a job unless an undue hardship on the operations of the department and/or FHLB Dallas would result.

An individual who believes he/she is in need of a reasonable accommodation should notify the Human Resources department in writing. Human Resources will review the request and respond back to the individual as to FHLB Dallas' decision regarding the matter.

Minority and Women Inclusion

As part of FHLB Dallas' commitment to diversity, we have established the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion
(the “OMWI”). FHLB Dallas is committed to the inclusion and utilization of minorities, women, individuals with
disabilities, and minority-, women-, and disabled-owned businesses in our workforce and business activities.


Download our Vendor Diversity brochure.

Vendor Diversity

FHLB Dallas' commitment to promoting diversity within our organization extends to all aspects of our business, including the procurement and contracting of goods and services. We are focused on building sustained relationships with minority-, women-, and disabled-owned businesses and in providing contracting opportunities for diverse vendors.

From time to time FHLB Dallas solicits requests for bids in connection with contracting opportunities in the following categories:

  • Professional services
  • Property maintenance and repair
  • Equipment purchase and maintenance agreements
  • Software purchase and maintenance agreement;
  • Telecommunications services
  • Reports and publications

Register as a Diverse Vendor

If you are a diverse vendor, and you are interested in being part of a database of diverse vendors which FHLB Dallas reviews when contracting opportunities arise in the categories listed above, we encourage you to register with FHLB Dallas. Certified or self-classified diverse vendors are welcome. Certifying organizations include the national Minority Supplier Development Council, Women's Business Enterprise National Council, and various government agencies (federal, state, or local), such as the Small Business Administration, among others.

In making contracting decisions concerning diverse vendors, we have established thresholds, exceptions and limitations to aid in the overall effectiveness and efficiency of our outreach program. Additionally, we must balance the need to utilize such vendors with our overall need to conduct business in a prudent, efficient, cost-effective, timely manner and with a clear understanding of the importance of safety and soundness consideration in all purchasing and contracting activities.

​Equal Opportunity Contract Clause Statement

Contracts for services in any amount and contracts for goods that equal or exceed $10,000 in annual amount, whether in a single contract, multiple contracts, a series of contracts or renewals of contracts with a single Vendor shall contain a clause committing the Vendor to practice the principles of equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination in all its business activities and requiring each such Vendor to sign a statement that it requires its subcontractors to practice the principles of equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination in all business activities that may be associated with providing services or goods to FHLB Dallas.

Exempt Contracts

Contracts related to or dealing with the following shall be excluded from consideration under the Equal Opportunity Contract Clause Requirement:

  1. Agreements with our customers;
  2. Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements; and
  3. Contracts with financial counterparties.

 We look forward to partnering with you.


Contact Human Resources at 214.441.8500.
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