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Collateral Technology Updates Resources Page

Please utilize the materials below to assist your transition to the new collateral loan file upload process and the new blanket lien worksheet. New training materials will be added periodically, so please bookmark this page or sign up to receive an email alert when new materials are added. It is important that you are able to access all materials. If you have trouble accessing a video or certain video streaming is blocked at your institution, please contact us. For more information on other technology enhancements rolling out in 2019, watch the 2019 Technology Roadmap. You may also view this video on YouTube. Please email Corporate Communications if you are unable to view this video.

Collateral Loan File Upload

The new collateral file upload process will take effect Monday, June 3, 2019. View the recorded webinar for a look at enhancements to the system. Please contact us if you have trouble viewing the video and we will provide you an alternative.



Missed the live webinar? No problem. It was recorded for your convenience. Click here to view the Collateral Loan File Upload video.

Blanket Lien Worksheet

A redesigned blanket lien worksheet format will be available to members beginning June 17, 2019. Please register for a June 12, 2019 webinar that will highlight the enhancements.



Missed the live webinar? No problem. It was recorded for your convenience. Click here to view the video.


Blanket Lien Worksheet Video Tutorial         

This short video will walk you through using the new worksheet.


Read about some frequently asked questions on the new blanket lien worksheet. Comment below if you have other questions, not included here, that you’d like answered.

Comparison Cheat Sheet     

This document will give you a before and after view of blanket lien worksheet that you can use to quickly find your way around the new worksheet format.

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