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Member Enrollment

Only enrolled members can submit applications during open funding rounds for qualified small businesses. To enroll, members may request the SBB enrollment package (SBB Enrollment Form and SBB Master Agreement) be sent via DocuSign by submitting a request using the contact form down below or by emailing

FHLB Dallas will review the forms and notify the member of their acceptance into the program.

Member Benefits

FHLB Dallas members benefit from SBB in a variety of ways:
  • Serves as gap financing to help members meet their small business customer’s financial needs.
  • Integrates with member’s existing loan underwriting; no additional underwriting by FHLB Dallas.
  • May create new business relationships and cross-selling opportunities.
  • Provides additional fee income on the SBB loan.
  • Qualifies for Community Reinvestment Act Service credit.
  • Strengthens the local economy by helping to create and retain jobs.

First National Bank Texas

Learn how First National Bank Texas utilized SBB to build bridges with small businesses in the communities they serve.