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Year 2008

December 29, 20082008-21Bank Combines Hurricane Ike and Gustav Disaster Relief Grant Funds
December 29, 20082008-20Fourth Quarter 2008 Dividend, Third Quarter 2008 Operating Highlights & Fourth Quarter 2008 Outlook
December 5, 20082008-19Office of Finance Publishes the FHLBanks Third Quarter 2008 Combined Financial Report
December 3, 20082008-18Emergency Economic Stablilization Act of 2008 - Interest on Reserves
December 1, 20082008-17Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP)
November 25, 20082008-16Election of Directors
October 31, 20082008-15Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 - Interest on Reserves
October 2, 20082008-14Mississippi Counties Declared Disaster Areas
September 24, 20082008-13Disaster Relief Grant Program Details
September 12, 20082008-12Collateral Verifications - Assigned Exception Rates
September 10, 20082008-11FHFA Places Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in Conservatorship; Treasury Makes Government Sponsored Enterprise Credit Facility Available to FHLBanks
September 2, 20082008-10Housing and Economic Recovery Act, Multifamily Collateral Value on Delivery, and Revised Safekeeping Fee Schedule
August 21, 20082008-09Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
August 19, 20082008-08Third Quarter 2008 Dividend and Excess Stock Repurchase
June 30, 20082008-07FHLB Dallas to Offer Interest Rate Swaps, Caps and Floors to Members
June 24, 20082008-06Appointive Director Nominations
June 3, 20082008-05MPF® Program
May 23, 20082008-04Second Quarter 2008 Dividend and Excess Stock Repurchase
April 9, 20082008-03Changes to Collateral Verification Guidelines; Extension of Wire Deadline; and 2008 Membership Investment Requirement
April 7, 20082008-02Termination of Merger Discussions with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
March 12, 20082008-01First Quarter 2008 Dividend and Excess Stock Repurchase
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