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Effective Communication Series: General Principles

03.24.17 | Bre Chapman

Investing in employees' growth and development isn't just important to an organization, it is vital. In fact, creating a "best place to work" culture is equally or more beneficial for the organization than it is for the employees. Overlooking this can be detrimental to an organization's long-term growth.


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Effective Communication Series: General Principles

05.10.16 | Bre Chapman

First in a series on business communication

Today's business world incorporates several forms of communication, including but not limited to written, oral, presentations, social media, and proposals. Effectiveness in communication is increased by following general guidelines, regardless of the format.


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Setting and Achieving Your Goals

03.24.16 | Bre Chapman

January 1 of each year is the most popular date for setting resolutions and goals, but by this time of year, most of us have at least one goal that is not on track. Now is the ideal time to reassess objectives for the year - or set them for the first time. The following tips can help you increase your success this year.


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After the Performance Appraisal: What's Next?

02.01.16 | Bre Chapman

You've received your annual performance review which provided helpful feedback from your manager. You don't know what to expect next and you're looking for more; is this your only opportunity for feedback until another year passes?


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