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Operations Careers

We’re Banking Operations

The Banking Operations division is focused on member financial institutions, results, employee growth and pride in our work. We provide member-focused support for funding, collateral, wires, letters of credit and other services that support FHLB Dallas’ long-term financial strength. And we continue to enhance operational excellence and efficiency while providing a learning environment that promotes employee development.

Here are some of our teams:

Collateral Services

We are responsible for $210 billion in collateral from our member banks. This collateral is in the form of mortgages pledged to us for funds we issue to our members. At any given time, half of our team is on the road visiting members while the other half is processing the records for the collateral we hold.

We look for people who are team players with mortgage experience in the areas of loan origination, processing and underwriting. The people who do well on our team are great communicators, work well under pressure and have great analytical skills.

Tactical Solutions

We deal with information technology issues that need to get resolved quickly. We leverage our knowledge of FHLB Dallas business lines and develop IT solutions for situations that crop up in virtually any part of the organization. For our team, we look for problem solvers who have a good mix of technical skills and business operations knowledge. We are a new team, more like a startup. In fact, we like people with consulting or startup experience.


Safekeeping is an operational support team. We support the core functions of FHLB Dallas like advances, or loans to our member financial institutions, by keeping a secure record of documents involved in those transactions.

We are a back-office operation, and we look for people who have back-office experience, who are fast learners and have a sixth sense for something that just doesn’t look right.


Putting members first is a priority for the Banking Operations team.