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IT Careers

We’re Information Technology

We are FHLB Dallas’ largest individual work team and the backbone of everything FHLB Dallas does on behalf of its member institutions. Our mission is to empower the organization to achieve excellence and consistently exceed our customer's expectations.

In so doing, IT provides technology offerings and services through four departments, each with its own focus on meeting customer needs. The members of our group are analytical solution-seekers with an insatiable appetite for providing the latest in technology solutions to FHLB Dallas.

Infrastructure Services and Database Management

Work together to maintain FHLB Dallas’ technical infrastructure and ensure the systems that support daily operations remain up and running.

Security Operations

Ensures that FHLB Dallas’ critical data is protected.

Technology Solutions

Is responsible for implementation and support of FHLB Dallas’ applications.

Enterprise Architecture

We promote best practices so teams within FHLB Dallas can build technology solutions with appropriate architectural design that delivers business value in a consistent and predictable fashion. Scrum masters on our team focus on the Agile process, while Agile architects focus on the development technique.

We seek people who are servant leaders, Agile experts and exceptional technology practitioners. The true measure of their success is how effectively they can mentor and coach our development teams to better deliver business value.

If you like playing on a winning IT team, then FHLB Dallas just might be a great fit for you.

Information Technology

Helping employees innovate and create, so that when it comes to their work, they can Own it.