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November 6, 2017


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Keagan Center Awarded $10K to Feed and Tutor At-Risk Kids Keagan Center group WEB.jpg

St. Martin Bank & Trust Company, FHLB Dallas Award Grant

ELTON, LOUISIANA (November 6, 2017) — Kim Thibodeaux, founder of the nonprofit Keagan Center, pours her heart into nurturing children. The $10,000 in Partnership Grant Program (PGP) funds awarded last week by St. Martin Bank & Trust Company and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) will help the nonprofit cover costs of feeding them and providing after-school tutoring and activities.

The center is named after Ms. Thibodeaux's son, Keagan, who died in a 2011 car wreck at the age of 21.

"I was a hairdresser for more than 25 years," Ms. Thibodeaux said. "God put this on my heart to feed these children. Loving these children has given me a purpose. This grant will help Keagan Center continue to provide a safe, nurturing environment for those in need."

Ms. Thibodeaux said she hopes to eventually open a full-time kitchen and community center.

"Providing nutritious meals to our community's children is one of the first steps toward success in school and beyond," said Amanda Richert, CRA specialist at St. Martin Bank & Trust Company. "The life-skills programming Keagan Center offers is essential to help our children and youth meet everyday challenges while preparing them for the future."

Awarded annually via a lottery system, PGP awards provide grants up to $12,000 to community-based organizations (CBOs), like Keagan Center. FHLB Dallas matches a member's contribution to a CBO of $500 up to $4,000 at a 3:1 ratio. PGP funds may be used for research, organizational capacity-building, grant-and funding-application assistance or contractual services.

Located approximately 60 miles northwest of Lafayette, Louisiana, Elton is a rural community of nearly 1,150 residents.

"These grants make meaningful connections between our member institutions and CBOs," said Greg Hettrick, first vice president and director of Community Investment at FHLB Dallas. "We are honored to partner with St. Martin Bank & Trust to support the services of Keagan Center for children and youth in need."

In 2017, FHLB Dallas awarded $300,000 in PGP funds through 31 member institutions to assist 30 CBOs. Combined with the $104,550 contributed by FHLB Dallas members, a total of $404,550 was awarded to the organizations.

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