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Small Business Recovery

Small Business Recovery Grants totaling $160,000 in Amory, Mississippi, are helping eight businesses that suffered tornado damage get back on their feet again.

Living Our Values

A Habitat for Humanity homebuilding event brings together employees to embrace FHLB Dallas' Do Good value.

2023 Partnership Program Awards

$557,250 awarded by FHLB Dallas and 33 members to 43 community-based organizations to keep communities growing strong.

FHLB Dallas Capital Markets Update

The Treasury department of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) will provide a capital markets update on Monday, October 16 at 2:30 p.m. CT. The 45-minute web call will include Q&A.

FHLB Dallas Heirs' Property

A million-dollar fund to eliminate barriers to homeownership and generational wealth.


$1.75 million is now available to help communities withstand the storms with grants for FORTIFIED Roofing.

FHLB Dallas Features

Favorably Priced Community Advances

Community and economic development advances are priced below the rate of a standard FHLB Dallas advance. Our economic development advance (EDP) is noncompetitive and available all year long. Read about the EDP.

Small Business Recovery Assistance

A co-owner of a family farm in rural Mississippi received a $20,000 in Small Business Recovery Grant to help recover from a tornado that swept through the area this spring.

FHLB Dallas Advance Auction Schedule

Visit SecureConnect to view FHLB Dallas Rates